Lavender Workplace Wellness

20 Years of Beauty, Health and Wellness

W are proud to share with you an opportunity for workplaces and their employees to become part of our Lavender family!

What we have to offer

Health and wellness benefits for you and your employees

The benefits

#1 Workplace wellness increase healthy behaviour and helps prevents illness.

#2 Employee wellness packages increase engagement.

#3 Employees want wellness Packages.

#4 Workplace wellness helps people to adjust to new conditions.

#5 Employees respond well to a workplace that looks after their wellness.

#6 Workplace wellness boosts productivity.

#7 Employee wellness packages could boost market valuation.

#8 Personalised and bespoke wellness packages provide a solid return on investment.

#9 Employee welless programmes could help decrease depression and anxiety.

#10 Workplace wellness brings employees together and build camaraderie!

To find out more about what we have to offer and how we can help your employees and organisation, simply give us 15 minutes of your time! Contact us, FAO Rebeccah Spencer or call us today on 01978 314888.