Slenderiiz Weight Loss Programme Pack – Day & Night Drops & FREE H3 Essential Guide

Slenderiiz Weight Loss Programme Pack – Day & Night Drops & FREE H3 Essential Guide


Slenderiiz Weight Loss Programme Pack

Day & Night Drops

The human body is complex, made up of different systems that all need to function properly in order to enjoy optimal health. Because of this, a multifaceted approach to weight loss and weight management is key for staying healthy and fit.
Losing weight isn’t just about what you eat and how much you exercise. It’s about your hormones, stress levels, digestive health, and metabolism too. For people wanting real results that last, there’s Slenderiiz—a safe, innovative, and sustainable solution to the many factors associated with weight loss and weight management.

& FREE H3 essential guide booklet – The first of its kind. A structured plan and guideline methodology to creating new successful, winning habits for health and happiness – RRP £19.99

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Slenderiiz Weight Loss – Day & Night Drops

FREE H3 Essential Guide

What is the H3?

‘Well after many years of research we feel we have found a formula that can help people to create an extraordinary life. It is essentially a map to the destination you desire and like all great journeys, it begins with a single step in the right direction!

The H3 plan is a simple, yet very effective guide. If followed, this guide will truly put you on the path to becoming the best version of yourself. There is no motivational speech included, just proven methods and effective life hacks. Validation can be found in cutting edge neuroscience, evidence-based health studies and ancient wisdom. More importantly, we feel our dedication to years of personal experiences hs enabled us to sort through what actually works and what doesn’t. We’re not trying to re-invent the wheel, but simply cut through the hype to show EXACTLY what works.’

Day Drops

This innovative product is made of 100% natural ingredients that have been proven to control appetite, increase satiety, and positively affect the hormones associated with feelings of hunger and cravings. Additional ingredients found in the Day Drops formula help slow the absorption of carbohydrates and boost metabolism. When used in conjunction with Night Drops, this product helps users shed pounds and keep them off.

Key Ingredients

White Kidney Bean Extract

Cacao Bean Extract

Green Coffee Bean Extract

Guarana Seed Extract

Cinnamon Bark Extract

Biotin Chromium

Night Drops

Weight loss isn’t just about calories, exercise and fat. There’s a myriad of other factors that go into successfully shedding pounds such as internal balance and hormones. The Night Drops formula provides key amino acids and adaptogenic herbs designed specifically to help reduce stress and promote feelings of restfulness and calm. When your body is stressed or suffering from lack of sleep, it releases cortisol, a hormone responsible for the production of fat. By maintaining your ideal internal balance, your efforts to lose weight are maximized.

Key Ingredients




Acerola Fruit Extract

Holy Basil Powder

Cordyceps Powder

Astragalus Root Powder


Every day our digestive system sends signals to our brain telling us it’s time to eat. Quite often, these signals are firing even when we aren’t truly hungry. Any dieter will proclaim the sheer willpower it requires to rewire the appetite. But what if we told you there are several naturally occurring substances that do the hard work for you?
Guarana Seed Extract – Improves feelings of fullness and satiety, reducing hunger pains.
Cinnamon Bark Extract – Helps the body maintain normal blood glucose levels, which in turn curbs cravings.
Chromium – Helps control blood sugars to avoid spikes and crashes in blood glucose levels.


Your body gets most of its energy through the food you eat and converting nutrients into energy is known as metabolism. When at rest, the number of calories your body uses to carry out basic functions such as breathing, blood circulation, hormone regulation, and cellular growth and repair is known as metabolic rate. With the help of a few safe and natural ingredients, this rate can be temporarily increased so you burn more calories.
Green Coffee Bean Extract – Contains healthy, natural caffeine that boosts metabolism and increases the body’s ability to burn fat.
Biotin – Helps boost metabolism and contributes to increased fat burning.


You probably don’t think of hormones when you think about weight. But did you know certain hormones circulating in your body right now are directly responsible for fat production? You can control these hormones and maximize your weight loss through ingredients specifically formulated with this in mind.
Cacao Bean Extract – Positively affects the hormones associated with hunger, effectively and healthily suppressing appetite.


When you’re stressed or suffering from a lack of sleep, your body increases its production of cortisol, a hormone that is directly related to fat storage. Control this by getting plenty of rest and using products known to help regulate cortisol levels in the blood.
Holy Basil Powder: helps to lower cortisol levels and regulate stress levels that lead to fat accumulation.
Astragalus Root Power – Encourages feelings of calm and wellbeing – essential for stress-level maintenance.
L-theanine – A natural substance found in green tea, aids weight loss by preventing fat accumulation and promoting relaxation and sleep.


Since your diet plays a big role in your ability to lose weight, optimal digestion is imperative. When your digestion slows down or isn’t functioning properly, your body isn’t able to maximize key nutrients in your food. Certain ingredients promote healthy digestion so that you get the most from your meals to keep you healthy and fit.
Fructo-oligosaccharides – Improves healthy gut flora, which aids digestion.
White Kidney Bean Extract – Helps delay the absorption of simple, starchy carbohydrates so your body burns fat instead of excess sugar.

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