Priime Coconut Oil


The ideal companion for all of your Priime blends.

Coconut oil is also the perfect massage oil, an excellent moisturiser, as well as an excellent dietary supplement to help improve energy levels and maintain a strong immune system.

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Our Priime Promise

Between a hectic schedule, work responsibilities, and family commitments, your days can be downright overwhelming, making it difficult to know exactly what to do when life is out of balance. Priime is the simple, natural solution that covers innumerable concerns to restore peace and harmony. We’ve taken the complex yet powerful world of essential oils and simplified it to provide you with the widest spectrum of safe and effective care.

Our easy-to-use blends not only address specific complaints, but also deliver a host of other benefits that help naturally shift you toward a more balanced life. With Priime, less really is more. Each and every drop of our oils contains infinite benefits.

Blended with the best ingredients

Each of our blends has been formulated based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, which for centuries has been structuring its oils to directly reflect royal hierarchy positions and their important roles in civilization.
Ingredient Quality 100% therapeutic grade No synthetic ingredients Confirmed free of contaminants, Microorganisms, and toxins

Coconut oil benefits

Coconut oil contains a combination of fatty acids called Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs) which have powerful medicinal properties. Once metabolized, MCTs can have therapeutic effects. This is because after the MCTs are digested in the digestive system, they go straight to the liver where they are converted into ketone bodies.

The MCTs also supply energy to the brain cells and can relieve the symptoms of patients with Alzheimer’s.

These MCTs are also helpful to people who want to lose weight, especially those who crave to reduce their abdominal fat, because they work to increase energy expenditure by as much as five percent and reduce hunger.

Coconut oil also contains lauric acid which has been proven to kill bacteria, viruses and fungi.

But perhaps the most important function of coconut oil is to help improve the level of cholesterol in the blood, thereby lowering the risk of heart disease. This is because coconut oil contains high concentration of saturated fats that work to raise the level of good cholesterol (HDL) in the body.

For the hair, coconut oil helps protect it from damage while for the skin, it is a good moisturizer and an effective sunscreen that blocks about 20 percent of the sun’s ultraviolet rays, protecting your skin from sun damage.

Coconut oil also works to improve dental health by killing harmful bacteria in the mouth and reduce bad breath if used as a mouthwash.

How about fractionated coconut oil?

Priime fractionated Coconut Oil by Ariix is effective and safe to use. It was created as a dietary supplement and as a complement for all of its Priime essential oil blends.

Priime fractionated Coconut Oil can be used to help improve energy levels and maintain a strong immune system.

It can also serve as your perfect massage partner because it is readily absorbed by the skin and can be used as a carrier oil by diluting it with Priime’s essential oil blends Calm, Ice, Escape and Sentry for topical application.