Slimming Plus

Slimming Plus


Slenderiiz Plus

Here at Lavender House we believe that beauty is not just skin deep…

Energy – Fat loss – Balance – Renewed Youth – Vitality – Results!

After many years of searching we have finally found our perfect partner in nutritional and wellness support. This multi award winning company mirrors our ethos, professionalism and dedication to our clients – offering the best premium nutrition with 100% natural ingredients and delivering the best results every time!

The human body is complex, made up of different systems that all need to function properly in order to enjoy optimal health. Because of this, a multi- faceted approach to wellness, weight loss and weight management is key for staying healthy and fit. Losing weight and staying healthy isn’t just about what you eat and how much you exercise.

It’s about your hormones, stress levels, digestive health, and metabolism too. Whether you’re suffering with inch loss, IBS, lack of energy, stress, anxiety or struggling with sleep…

Lavender Health and Wellness Programmes have been specially designed for real people, wanting real results that last.



Slenderiiz Weight Loss – Day & Night Drops

A drop to drop weight loss journey!

Optimal V & Optimal M

Essential Vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to fully support your body for optimal energy health and well being


Dynamic duo CoQ10 two of the most powerful ingredients on earth for initiating and sustaining overall health starting at a cellular level – Supporting heart and brain function and a sense of well being!


Superfood nutrient drink –  36 nutrients in every shot!

FREE Additional Service & Support

  • 15% Discount on all products and services at Lavender House. Accelerate your results by taking advantage of these savings whilst on your 28 day journey

  • Tracking your Success!  H3 Essential Guide Booklet – The first of its kind. A structured plan and guidance to creating new successful, winning habits for health and wellness – RRP £19.99

  • Support : Weekly weigh ins, personal guidance and nutritional advice

  • Motivation : You will be added to our wonderful online Health and Wellness groups for daily and weekly motivation